What is Venice the Series?
Venice the Series is a web series taking place in Venice,
California and starring Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia, Danny Cosgrove and
more. Chappell, along with Kim Turrisi
and Hope Royaltey, have co-created and co-produced the series. Venice will focus on family and relationships
of Gina (played by Chappell) and those involved in her life. The web series has sparked particular
interest among Guiding Light and Otalia fans.
Otalia is the popular pairing of Olivia Spencer (played by Chappell) and
Natalia Rivera (played by Jessica Leccia).
It has been said that a lesbian kiss will take place within the first
episode of Venice, something that delights Otalia fans who have been frustrated
by the lack of physical affection between the two characters on the canceled
daytime soap opera.

Who stars in Venice the Series?
Venice stars Crystal Chappell as the main character
Gina. She is a lesbian designer who
interacts with a variety of people in her day-to-day life. Jessica Leccia, Chappell's co-star from
Guiding Light, will be playing possible love interest Ani, a photographer. Danny Cosgrove, another member of the Guiding
Light family, will be playing Gina's brother.
While Hillary B. Smith (from One Life to Live) will be playing Gina's
aunt, Guya, who tells the future via Tarot cards. Jordan Clarke will be playing Gina's father,
The Colonel and Elizabeth Keener just recently joined the cast, too. Keener has recently been on The L Word,
playing Dawn Denbo.

Продолжительность: 12 серий ~ 6 минут