Chaika Jonathan

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Я: Бисексуалка, 9.9.1996
Город: Москва
Открыта для: любовь, дружба, совместный досуг, партнерство и сотрудничество, соседка по комнате, по интересам
Инфо: Hello. I am Andy and I would like to thank you for coming to my movie. I wish it was *better*, you know, but... it is so stupid! It's terrible! I do not even like it. All of the most important things in my life are changed around and mixed up for dramatic purposes. So, I decided to cut out all of the baloney! Now the movie is much *shorter*. In fact, this is the end of the movie. Thank you very much. Литература, иностранные языки, кино, алкоголь, дети.
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